Successful Adwords Campaigns

Setting up and managing a Google Adwords account is a job for a professional. Google uses complex algorithms to determine where an ad is placed and how much you pay for a click. It’s not just a bidding war. Good ad placement does not go to the highest bidder, and you do not, in most cases, pay the amount you bid.

We take the complexity out of advertising on Google. You tell us what type of customers you want to attract, and how much you want to spend on your ads, and we take it from there. We begin by doing extensive research into your industry, your customers, and your competition. We carefully analyze which words and phrases your potential customers are using to find your services, and we write ads based our analysis. We look at how your competition is advertising and develop an advertising strategy customized for your business.

We send you regular reports with our analysis and recommendations. We carefully analyze each metric and tweak your ad copy, bids, keywords, and strategy to optimize your return on investment.

Our clients have enjoyed great success with a properly managed Google Adwords campaign. It’s not right for every business, but we are happy to offer a free, no obligation analysis and consultation. Give us a call today at (760) 553-2529 or submit a quote request and find out if Google Adwords can take your business to the next level.

What is Google Adwords?

Adwords is Google’s pay-per-click advertising system. The fact that it has evolved into Google’s main source of revenue is a testament to its success, both for Google and the companies using the system.

Basically, here’s how it works; You create ads for your business, you bid for placement of your ad based on keywords, and when somebody clicks on your ad, you pay Google for the click.

Sounds simple, yes? Well… no, it’s not. Just ask anybody who has ever tried to do it themselves. Like building a website, your nephew, who’s ‘good with computers’, may be able to set up an Adwords account, but your ads will most likely perform poorly and not attract the clients that you’re looking for. If your ads even appear, you will likely overpay for each click… it’s very possible that you will pay double what you would pay with a properly managed account.

So where is the list of your clients?

While we happily and proudly list and link to our design and search engine optimization customers’ websites, we don’t list our Google Adwords pay-per-click management clients. Please understand that we don’t want our potential clients clicking on our current clients’ ads, running up their pay-per-click bills.

Free Analysis

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We would be happy to perform a free, no obligation analysis and consultation!

Free Analysis